ST. CLOUD - We resume our countdown of the Top 10 Local news stories of 2014 today (Friday) with our #5 story of the year.


Think way back to the beginning of the year, when the term "polar vortex" seemed to be in the news every-other week. The winter months of December 2013 through February 2014 were the 6th coldest on record in St. Cloud. We had 14 days when the temperature didn't even get above zero. And we had 14 nights where the thermometer plunged to a low of 20 below or colder.

It was brutal on us, and just as tough on our water lines. City officials all across the region encouraged us to run the water in our faucet continuously for months, or face the alternative of a frozen water line. Hundreds of homeowners had to have their yards dug up to fix the problem, with expensive repair bills.

Coming-up tomorrow (Saturday) we'll continue the countdown of the Top 10 local news stories with a look back at the #4 story of the year.

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