SAUK RAPIDS - We continue our countdown of the Top 10 local news stories of 2014 with a look back at our #2 story of the year.


It was a beautiful night for a plane ride on Friday, June 20th. Pilot Scott Olson of St. Cloud took 16-year-old German foreign exchange student Alexander Voigt on a sightseeing trip. The Tech high school student was scheduled to go home to Germany in less than a week and wanted aerial pictures for keepsakes. They took off from the St. Cloud Regional Airport at 8:10 that night, just 24 minutes into the flight something went horribly wrong. The plane suddenly went out of control and crashed into a Sauk Rapids home, starting the house on fire. Both Olson and Voigt died in the crash.

The home was owned by Jeff Hille.  Hille's brother-in-law was the only person in the house at the time, he was able to escape to safety by jumping through a window.

Coming-up tomorrow (Wednesday), we'll reveal our #1 local news story of 2014.

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