ST. CLOUD -- Here's a look back at our #7 story for 2013. The Catholic Diocese of St. Cloud announced in September that a new  Bishop would be replacing that of retiring Bishop John Kinney.


Pope Francis announced Bishop Donald Kettler's appointment in September. He was installed as the Ninth Bishop of the Diocese of St. Cloud in November.

Kettler served as the Bishop of Fairbanks, Alaska for 11 years and is a St. John's University graduate.

A mass of installation was held at St. Mary's followed by a Blessing of the City of St. Cloud and the Diocese of St. Cloud. Father Bob Rolfes explains the process of installation.

The Mass of Installation was invitation only. Bishop Kinney led the Diocese since 1995. He announced his retirement back in June of 2012.

Coming up tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll have the #6 local news story in our Top 10 Countdown.

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