Working over on the east side of St. Cloud, I've learned to expect the unexpected. Especially when you least expect it. Normally after work I'll head to the grocery store and grab some food for dinner or I'll make the weekly grocery run, but there is one thing that I've got to keep an eye on both coming and going from the store, this stop sign. It has to be the most ignored in St. Cloud.

The stop sign I am referring to, separates the Runnings parking lot and the Cash Wise store lot, and there are just two of them, plopped on the corners, with thru traffic not having to stop.

On more than one occasion I've seen near accidents happen as the driver approaching the sign disregards it and just goes, thinking the other direction has a sign too.

While the vehicles traveling this area of town aren't supposed to be moving really fast, you could still do some damage to another vehicle, or worse you could hit a pedestrian walking to catch the bus at a nearby bus stop.

Take some time the next time you are in the area and watch for yourself. You'll see some people slow down, then creep on through, while others just blatantly roll right through. For those of you that DO stop at the sign...thank you.

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