That's a big bounce house, bub. Plenty of space to wear the kids out.

Want to make memories with your kids? Want to make memories with your significant other? The World's Largest Inflatable Theme Park is making a stop in Minnesota  starting THIS SATURDAY June 8th.

Big Bounce America is going on tour this summer, and they're bringing the world's largest inflatable theme park with them...and that's not just hot air! I'm not sorry.

This thing is seriously massive, and it'll be at the Shakopee East Middle School from June 8th through June 16th.

And it's NOT just for kids! You can book sessions for toddlers (age 3 and younger), juniors (age 7 and younger), bigger kids (age 15 and younger), and even adult-only sessions (age 16 and older).

Your ticket gets you:

  • a dedicated time slot to the World's Biggest Bounce House
  • unlimited time in The Giant
  • unlimited time in Air Space
  • unlimited time in Sport Slam
  • unlimited time in Octoblast

Better stock up on coffee, mom and dad.

Tickets are on sale now! They start at $22 for the toddler session.

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