ST. CLOUD -  Some of us had a chance to build a bird house in our high school tech-ed class....A group of Tech students recently outdid this (a lot) by building an entire house.

15 Tech juniors and seniors have been working on the house since last September in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Students worked under the supervision of Bill Garceau, the Tech High technical education teacher.

"It's the hands-on part that gets you, you're not just sitting there watching a teacher do it, you're doing it yourself," Tech student Justin Solorz says.

Bruce Johnson, the executive director of Central MN Habitat For Humanity, says they raised money for the building materials and gave students guidance for a hands-on learning experience.

"You would stop by and see these students leaping and bounding and just having a blast learning about how a house gets built."

The final product comes complete with cabinets (also built by students) in the interior. The House is set to be rolled out to its final destination at 1834 Clearwater Road, early Friday morning. Once there, work will be done for a basement and it will eventually be sold to an area family in need.

"The next morning as folks are driving to work, they're going to see them very carefully setting [the house] on its foundation. Then we'll get another group of students to frame in the basement," Johnson says.

St. Cloud Technical and Community College students studying construction also helped with the plumbing and electrical work.

Habitat for Humanity and the students are already looking forward to bringing the project back next year.

"The best part for me was just seeing all the progress that we made since last year," Tech student Brady Kressin says.

Dan DeBaun, WJON
Dan DeBaun, WJON

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