St. Cloud -- For the second year in a row a group of local students are featured in a song by a St. Cloud hip-hop group. Tammy Calhoun's 6th grade music class at Talahi Community School are lending their voices to a new album by the Cloud City Boyz. Member, Tyler Lydeen says he looks to inspire kids to pursue their passions.

"Talking with these kids about it and letting them know that we started where they are, and as long as they fight they can reach whatever they want to reach, it's pretty cool."

The collolaboration is about more than just music -- it's about giving back. Lydeen says proceeds from the track will help out future music students at his former elementary school.

"Financial short-comings -- especially in music-- those areas seem to get the shaft. I spoke with Tammy asked if we sell this and can put all the proceeds back into the music class, would that be helpful? And she of course said yes."

Lydeen says he loves the energy and passion the kids have shown throughout the process. The new album -- Weapons of Mic Destruction -- will be released at the end of March on City House Records.

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