SARTELL - The vast majority of families with kids in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District are very pleased with their kids' educations.

That was one finding determined by survey results presented at Monday night's school District 748 School Board meeting.

The Vision 2015 Fall Survey asked nearly 1,000 District 748 families to weigh in on how they feel about their schools between September 24th and October 5th.

In an overall finding, presented by Assessor Amy Trombley, 98% of respondents, mostly parents, said they feel the overall quality of education in the district is good or excellent.

Nearly 93% reported being proud to say they send their children to a Sartell School, over 90% said the teachers were excellent, and around 90% would recommend their school to families outside the district.

The survey also looked at 5 key areas of service - Academics, Class Size, Technology, Arts and Character Development -  and asked respondents to rate their importance. In all categories, between 99 and 100% of survey takers said all areas were important in their kids' educations.

In a discussion following the results, the board discussed the slightly lower satisfaction parents reported related to district leadership and administration - around 75% overall - and plan to address how to improve those numbers in future meetings.

The board says they will also continue discussions on how to use all the survey findings in planning the future of District 748 school programs.