Steve Patterson returned to the streets of New York for Valentine's Day to learn about love.

Paris may be considered the City of Love, but Minnesota's golden boy Steve Patterson recently returned to another city -- New York City -- to learn about love. Joining back up with his television buddies Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest for a Valentine's Day special, Patterson hit the streets of The Big Apple to ask strangers about the greatest four-letter word.

"I bought my wife a very small ring when we got engaged," he explains to one woman with a giant engagement band on her finger. "Your advice for me in this situation is what?"

"To get her another one," she states matter-of-factly, "as soon as possible."

Interviewing a family of three, Patterson asks what their Valentine's Day plans are.

"Him and I are getting our wisdom teeth pulled," the woman replies, indicating her young son. The man nods his head and jokes, "Yeah, all kinds of romance."

In another Valentine's Day special that aired just days before, Patterson asks kids what they think love is. "If you talk to adults, they might give you some canned answers. If you talk to kids, they say whatever is on their mind."

"What happens on Valentine's Day?" Patterson asks one young boy.

"Everyone falls in love?"

"Everyone falls in love," Steve says solemnly. "That's always the hope."

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"What do you love most about mom?" He asks another young boy.

"Gosh," the boy replies, seemingly overwhelmed by the weight of the question. "Um, well, I don't really know about love or something."

"Listen," Patterson assures him, "you're five and a half. You don't have to know about love at this point. All you have to do is receive the love, enjoy the love."

"I love you," the boy says back to him.

Two months ago in early December Patterson announced that he'd been invited to join Live with Kelly & Ryan for a holiday special. He also indicated that he'd be joining them for other recurring bits and segments in the future.

"Every time that I get an opportunity to do something with [Kelly & Ryan], it really is, it's surreal," he said in video on Facebook. "I kind of have pinch-myself moments of 'Am I getting to do this? This is just so fun.'"


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