ST. JOSEPH -- Two Stearns Electric employees are going on an over thousand mile electric road trip, and they'll be documenting their travels the whole way.

Amanda Groethe and Whitney Ditlevson are heading to Salt Lake City Utah starting Sunday. They'll be driving a Tesla Modle S, the trip will be over 1,200 miles.

Ditlevson says it's part of a nationwide rural electric provider conference. It's meant to make sure Stearns Electric -- and others -- can be a reliable source of energy information for its customers.

"They want people to come to this conference in electric vehicles, tell them about their stories and experiences, so we can share it with others around the country."

They're documenting the trip on their blog, "Road Trip; Recharged". It will be an extensive amount of information they'll document. Geared to electric vehicle education for the public.

They'll start their trip at Clearwater Travel Plaza, charging their Tesla from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Ditlevson says they found out they were heading on the trip just last week. From starting the plan to leaving Clearwater, the duo had ten days of prep.

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