SARTELL - This week our All-Star Student is a senior quarterback at Sartell High School. Brandon Snoberger started his varsity career his sophomore year as a back-up. He is now a two year starter for the Sabers, but his love for football didn't start in Sartell.

Brandon Snoberger
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman)

"I started in third grade," says Snoberger. "I was born in Nebraska, so I was a huge Huskers fan. We watched the game on Saturdays, and I've always loved football. Just love playing the game."

His love and dedication for football has turned him into leader for the rest of his team.

"As a quarterback it's really important that I'm able to get control of the huddle, and make sure my guys are ready to play. I think my position, playing quarterback, has really helped me do that," says Snoberger.

Scott Hentges is the head coach for the Sabers. He says having Snoberger on the field is almost like having another coach.

"The more comfortable he's gotten with the offense now, the more of a leadership role he's taken. He can even come off the field, and suggest certain formations and routes. He's a real leader on the offense. We're really fortunate to have him out there for us," says Hentges.

Snoberger says he just tries to lead by example.

"Just giving the guys, especially the young guys, an example to look to when things get tough in game situations, and off the field too. Working hard in the weight room, and at practice, making sure you're giving one hundred percent of the effort all the time," says Snoberger. 

Brandon Snoberger
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News)

"I know that Brandon always takes his leadership role seriously," says Hentges. "He's just one of those kids that's a real good role model. He's a good representative of what it means to be a student athlete today. He makes good decisions at school, and off the field, and carries over to success on the field."

Brandon Snoberger
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News)

Snoberger hopes to take his love for football to the next level. All in all though, he says academics are his main priority.

Snoberger says, "Obviously I love playing football. I'm not going to do this the rest of my life, no matter what happens, it's got to end sometime, so it's really important to get a good education. I'm interested in sports medicine actually. So I'll probably go pre-med, and work in sports, like orthopedic somehow in the future."





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