COLLEGEVILLE -- Several athletic fields at St. John's University got some upgrades this summer.

The turf at Clemens Stadium was replaced, as was the flooring inside the Donald McNeely Spectrum field house.

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St. John's Athletic Director Bob Alpers says with the use each facility gets on a yearly basis, it was time for an update.

Anytime you put turf down, and depending on the sport, it's going to need to be replaced every 10-12 years. We've also been planning on this fieldhouse renovations for some time. I think we are at about 23 years-old for this surface so we wanted to get this done before the expected life span came to an end.

Alpers says not only do the new surfaces look great, but they are softer and more playable which will make it easier on the student athletes bodies.

He says they are excited to get the students back to campus and practicing on these updated facilities.

They will love this football field, it's such a better performance field than what it was before. The same thing will happen when players walk into this field house. For example our tennis team really didn't have a home to practice and with this updates now they do.

Last summer, St. John's updated their baseball field.

Alpers says in the future they hope to make some improvements to the football locker rooms and the baseball clubhouse.

St. John's Athletic Field Upgrades

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