ST. CLOUD -- An exhibit commemorating our nation's Vietnam Veterans now has the first photo collage added to the Vietnam War commemoration exhibit.

The photos were added Thursday to mark National Vietnam War Veterans Day, and are part of the VA's ongoing effort to honor veterans of that war. The first collage features 25 different vets.

St. Cloud VA Chief of Staff Dr. Scott Bartley says the photos help remind people why the VA does what they do.

"The photo collage of veterans helps us identify with these veterans by seeing them as they served, and of the reason why the VA serves them today."

You can submit a photo as well if you'd like. Veterans who served at any time from November 1, 1955, to May 15, 1975, can participate in this. They can also be submitted in person, just drop them off at the reception desk in building 1, or by mail.

The exhibit is in the central corridor between buildings 48 and 49.

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