St. Cloud School District 742 is still experiencing a bus driver and substitute teacher shortage.  That according to Superintendent Willie Jett.  He says the Human Resources office is very busy looking for many open positions that aren't exclusive to the before mentioned positions.  Jett says they are seeing people in the community stepping up, coming to them saying they are getting training and/or volunteering their services.  He says they are working "tirelessly to fill the shortages".  Jett says this challenge of a worker shortage isn't unique to them...they are seeing this happen throughout the nation in education.

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Jett says their students and staff are doing a great job with handling the necessary requirements to accommodate COVID-19.  He says both students and staff have adjusted well to mask wearing and social distancing when they can.  Jett is pleased they've been able to offer in-person learning 5 days a week every week since the school year began. He is students and staff are also staying home when they aren't feeling well and that is very important.

Jett says this past month their Regional Center of Excellence in Education recognized 20 of the District 742 licensed staff members for their accomplishments as outstanding education leaders.  They are recognized as positive role models for students and staff.  This is called a LEO award.

My conversation with Willie Jett is available below.



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