ST. CLOUD -- The city of St. Cloud has rescinded the Snow Emergency which went into effect early Tuesday.

St. Cloud Assistant Public Works Director Steven Lawrence says a total of 79 cars were towed during the Snow Emergency. He says considering the scope of the cars parked on the streets, that's a fairly low number.

Lawrence says they were prepared for this storm, but even the pre-treatment they put down on the roads didn't work with this storm.  The snow came too quickly and cars packed down the snow before plows could get the streets clean.

The city of St. Cloud is asking for patience from the driving community as crews continue to clean-up the streets and work to remove the hard, compacted snow on the roadways.  Lawrence says sunshine is needed to help the salt break up the hard-pack.

Plows are still out working in staggered shifts and will continue working until the streets are clear.

If you know of a trouble spot, you can call the St. Cloud Public Works Department at 650-2900.