So what happens if your car is towed in St. Cloud?


First, I'm sorry to hear your car is missing -- I hope it wasn't actually stolen.

But second, I'm really sorry you were towed because it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

Let's say there's a declared snow emergency and you parked on the wrong side of the road or in front of a hydrant.  You could be towed and impounded.

You can get the latest parking rules and regulations at the City's Parking Information page.

If your car is missing, call St. Cloud Police Dispatch at (320)251-1200. If you've been towed, they'll let you know. Or you could call the City of St. Cloud's Parking Violations Department  at (320)345-4444 during regular business hours and they'll also tell you where your ride's been taken.


St. Cloud contracts with three companies to tow vehicles:

A spokeswoman for the City of St. Cloud's Parking Violations says you should expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $200 for the tow and around $40 a day for the impound. Individual towing companies have their own fee schedules so, these are ballpark estimates.

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Hope you haven't been ignoring your parking tickets. If you have five or more unpaid tickets and you get towed, you're going to have to pay the city for those unpaid tickets and get a receipt before you can get your vehicle out of impound.

This is when a credit card will come in really handy.

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