ST. CLOUD -- A man accused of pulling out a gun while trying to collect a debt has pleaded guilty to two of the seven charges against him. Twenty-four-year-old Ben Jackson pleaded guilty to two counts of making terroristic threats with a reckless disregard just as his court trial was to begin. The remaining five charges which included assault and burglary are expected to be dismissed at sentencing.

Court records show Jackson was accused of entering a north St. Cloud home, pointing a gun at the residents inside and demanding money for a debt.

Two residents and a third person in the home say Jackson entered without permission, demanded payment, racked a shell into the chamber of what they believed to be a 9mm handgun, and pointed it at the victims. Jackson then left the scene without taking anything.

Police say one of the victims admitted owing Jackson money.

According to the criminal complaint, Jackson admitted he had gone to the home because the person who owed him money stopped responding to text messages. He also said he knocked on the door before entering like he always had, and was threatened with a pipe. That's when Jackson said he pulled out a replica handgun.

Police later searched his apartment and located a gun clip and 9mm ammunition but did not find the gun. Jackson told police he found the ammunition but did not own a gun.

He'll be sentenced December 20th.