ST. CLOUD - A pair of St. Cloud hip-hop artists have created a powerful music video to raise awareness about the growing problem of bullying.

The hip hop group Cloud City Boyz and singer Janey Neal created the song for bullying awareness month in October. Students from South Junior High in St. Cloud sing the chorus in the song as well as participate in the music video.

Tyler Lydeen with Cloud City Boyz says bullying hits him on a personal level.

"I have kids and so does Leroy, the other guy in Cloud City Boyz. So bullying hits us and I was also bullied from junior high into high school and know how brutal it can be."

As part of the project, the group also set up a Facebook page for those being bullied and parents of children getting bullied. The page is meant to provide a safe place to share stories anonymously and ask for help and advice. Lydeen says they hope to build the page to help kids everywhere.

"If we can get this big in the Midwest or all of Minnesota, it would be huge for the community, huge against bullying and huge for anyone being bullied. I would be extremely happy with that, because having an impact on just one kid would be enough for me."

Lydeen adds it was a blast working with the kids at South Junior High and credits Whirlybird Media with helping to create the video.

"There are other kids that are the same way that I was when I was young or kids that are too scared to say something. This is just a great way to start a conversation and to get support from others."

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube