ST. CLOUD -- When life is challenging, stressful or takes a toll on your health, sometimes what you need is for someone to notice, someone to listen and someone to care. St. Cloud Cathedral students are willing to lend a hand and pray for you.

The school recently started the Cathedral Prayer Club. Each student in the club is assigned a prayer-partner, someone that they will pray for multiple times throughout the day.

Anyone, of any faith can call Cathedral Campus Minister, Deborah Schnettler, she'll set you up with a prayer partner. Schnettler says you don't actually meet your prayer partner in person.

"The students or the people who are praying for them, know their first name, they know some of the things about them but many of these people prefer more anonymity with what is going on with them."

Schnettler says people have different prayer needs and each person needs prayers for a different reason.

"Right now we have 16 active people that we are praying for, and it's anywhere between, sometimes they have spiritual difficulties in their life, needing to be raised up in prayer for a spiritual attentiveness. Many of them are critically ill, with different kinds of illnesses whether it is Alzheimer's, cancer or different types of physical illnesses."

Other people may be going through life changes such as divorce, separation or family issues and want someone to pray for them.

If you would like someone to pray for you, call Schnettler at 320-257-2134, she will set you up with a prayer partner.