ST. CLOUD - Sophomore Izzie Yaggie-Heinen has become famous among her classmates at Cathedral High School for her temporary tattoo creations.

Her Henna tattoos have become so popular that classmates ask her to draw on their arms nearly every day.

Dan DeBaun, WJON
Dan DeBaun, WJON

"Sometimes a line can form in the class, I learned how to make them in grade school. I saw these Somali women have it all up their arms and I thought it was just beautiful. I asked them to teach me."


Art teacher Tony Keller says her temporary tattoo art has become easy to spot through the school.

"You have students that show up during the day and they have little tattoos on their arms and it's like: 'oh that must be one of Izzie's Henna tattoos'"

Yaggie-Heinen also excels at anything from painting to pottery artwork. She recently had her work on display at an art show in downtown St. Cloud.

"There's always things that you see yourself as an artist that you wish you could change, but then these other people are looking at it thinking it's cool. I think it's one of the greatest compliments ever when somebody likes my art."

She adds that art has taught her patience and how to confront challenges in life.

"There's always good in any art piece. It's hard to find the good for yourself and not think 'oh I could have done better', but you can't say that because if that's amazing for you, then it's amazing."


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