UNDATED - St. Cloud area doctors are on the look out for a severe respiratory illness that's affecting several states. Health officials say the Enterovirus D68 has been confirmed in Chicago and Kansas City, and there are suspected cases in several Midwestern states - including Minnesota.

Janelle Johnson is a doctor at CentraCare Pediatrics. She says prevention measures are the same as an other virus, like washing your hands...

Johnson says treatment is generally the same as if your child has a common cold. Most kids will recover on their own, but a few are being hospitalized for respiratory support.

So far there have been no documented deaths from the strain.

Meanwhile, the  Director of the Emergency Trauma Center Paul Schoenberg says "We are seeing patients (in ETC) presenting with symptoms and concerns related to HEV 68.  None of the cases we have seen would be considered severe respiratory distress.  We are also getting calls from worried parents." He encourages you to visit the Minnesota Department of Health website for more information.