The Twins will start play in the ALDS Friday night in New York.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me from New York today on WJON.  He said the Twins still aren't sure who will be on their postseason roster but they are optimistic about Max Kepler and Marwin Gonzalez.  Second baseman Luis Arraez is still questionable.  Gonzalez will likely be their right fielder with Max Kepler in center field.  Listen below.


Jim expects Jose Berrios to start on the mound Friday night and Jake Odorizzi to start Saturday but he's not sure if Odorizzi will be allowed to face the line up 3 times.

The Wild start the season tonight.  Jim says there really isn't much for expectations for this year's team which can be good and bad.

The Vikings play at New York Sunday.  Jim says the locker room is unsettled right now and some players are unhappy.  Stefon Diggs is the most notable unhappy player.