ST. CLOUD - As area kids go into their Christmas break, many of them are anxious to get out on the skating rinks.  However, they're going to have to wait just a little bit.

St. Cloud Park and Rec spokesman Chris Zabinski says they flooded some rinks today (Friday), including the hockey rink at Schmidt Park and both the skating rink and hockey rink at Rotary West Park.

Zabinski says he wants people to stay off the ice today, and they should be ready to go by tomorrow (Saturday).  He says they're planning on flooding more rinks next week.

St. Cloud has a total of seven skating rinks, and seven hockey rinks, including Lake George.

Zabinski also reminds everyone that Lake George is not safe yet, and you should stay off.

Updates on the opening of other rinks will be put up on the city of St. Cloud's website.