ST. CLOUD -- The City of St. Cloud is reminding you that now that the snow has fallen the city sidewalk ordinance will start going into effect.

The ordinance states that all public sidewalks in front of homes in residential neighborhoods must be swept clean.

Department of Public Services Spokesman Gerald Kaeter says that you have twenty-four hours to clean the sidewalk once the snow and wind stop.

"Let's say it stops snowing at two in the morning but the wind keeps blowing until noon, you have until noon the following day to clean the sidewalk," says Kaeter.

Should you forget to shovel the sidewalk the city will then come out and shovel the sidewalk for you, which will result in a bill for $140.

Kaeter says that there is no reason the sidewalk can't be clean, especially since you can call someone else to clean it.

"If you have an illness or medical condition where you can't shovel there is the church, the boyscout's, or other alternatives you can contact," says Kaeter.

Kaeter says that any part of the concrete is considered the sidewalk and the whole thing must be cleaned off for public use.


The City of St. Cloud reminds you of the sidewalk ordinance after the snowfall. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)