LIVONIA TOWNSHIP - Sherburne County Deputies were able to save a man from a Heroin overdose by using an emergency opiate antidote.

The Sheriff's Office says they responded on Thursday to a call of an unresponsive man who recently injected heroin in the 13000 block of 268th Avenue in Livonia Township. The news release says Deputies saw several injection marks on the mans arm.

Deputies arrived and found the man unresponsive with shallow breathing and pale and clammy complexion. Narcan was given to the man and he regained consciousness.

He was able to walk to the ambulance and was taken to Princeton Hospital.

The call came in just before 11:00 p.m. The Sheriff's Office says every Deputy started carrying Narcan about a year ago to combat heroin overdoses. Deputies go through training and have it as part of their medical kits.

A story from last summer says the Stearns County Sheriff's Office was also fundraising to buy Narcan for their first responders in mostly rural areas.