ST. CLOUD -- This month St. Cloud State University is wrapping up a year-long sesquicentennial celebration.

President Robbyn Wacker says while we look at the past 150 years at the university, we also need to look ahead to the next 150 years. She says the school needs to broaden the student market beyond high school graduates.

We want to expand to more non-traditional students, we want to expand to make sure we have more on-line opportunities for folks that can't give up work or have a family life that they can't physically be on campus...

Wacker says larger institutions like the University of Minnesota have the upper hand when it comes to recruiting students, and schools like SCSU have to do a better job attracting kids and adults.

We have about 200 universities that are authorized to provide postgraduate education in the state of Minnesota.  So the competition is huge.  Everybody is working to try to figure out how we can be more responsive in this new landscape of higher ed.

Wacker says the 30-day enrollment numbers for St. Cloud State University aren't out yet.

Robbyn Wacker

She says making a college degree affordable for the students is something she is focused on.

One of those things and this may seem very simple, is to make sure students stay on track to graduate in a timely manner.

Wacker says she also wants to grow the school's philanthropic footprint, so they have more scholarships and paid internships available for the students to help bring down their cost of education.

Eastman Hall

The culmination of the school's sesquicentennial celebration will be later this month during the homecoming festivities.

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