Video Transcript:

ST. CLOUD -- (Ashli Gerdes): "Another year has come and gone. Many community members are busy making plans for 2013."

(Diana Suhr): "My New Years resolution is to have a stable place for my children."

(TJ Burning): "I suppose to get out more, be more active."

(Sandy Haug): "I plan to get married and have a good life for the first time in twenty some years."

(Kunga Sherpa): "I'm graduating next semester, so I won't have a lot of pressure next semester. I will just be working, trying to find a new job. That's my new years resolution."

(John Meyer): "To be sober and to get into the Bike Fitters Union."

(Jordan Cartell): "I need to write more stories. I want to write a lot of stories this year. So, maybe writing a lot of short stories as well."

(Debbie Patton): "I always look forward to New Years. Everything starts out fresh. Actually, I've never made a resolution in my life. I guess I don't know why. I never really got into it. I hear so many people making resolutions and then never keeping them, so I thought why let myself down."

(Gerdes): How many people actually stuck to last years resolution?

(Burning): No...If it doesn't pan out you know stuff happens. You Just don't have time or whatever. Some people just give up too easy on it.

(Meyer): "Yeah, but I never followed through with them."

(Catrell): "I don't know. I think it's kind of like the mentality where it's like, yeah I'll out tomorrow, or I'll do this some other day. Usually you never get around to it, if your resolution is like a challenging one."

(Gerdes): "For some people, a new year brings new motivation that can prove life changing."

(Haug): "Last year I wanted to lose weight, and I lost 67 pounds."

(Suhr): "I'm very good at it. Whatever I put my mind to I can do."

(Gerdes): "What is your new years resolution? You still have time to make one. Reporting from St. Cloud, Ashli Gerdes, WJON News."