ST. CLOUD -- As we look to start 2014 off right, many of us have been deciding what we will do as part of our New Year's Resolution.

If you smoke, trying to kick the habit may be your goal.

Clearway Minnesota Vice President Andrea Mowery says they have been offering services to help those who want to quit since 2001.

Clearway Minnesota offers many different ways to help smokers break the habit such as counseling, plans and patches to help in the transition.

Mowery says quitting cold turkey is the least effective way to stop smoking. She says not everyone is successful the first time.

Mowery encourages anyone thinking of quitting smoking to check out or call the Quit Plan helpline at 1-888-354-7526 to see what services they can provide.

Coming up tomorrow (Friday) we'll have some tips for those of you who have a resolution to lose weight.