ST. CLOUD -- Nearly 100 loaves of fresh bread made by local students made their way to the food shelf on Friday.

Culinary Arts students at Sauk Rapids-Rice high school and middle school donated 98 loaves to Catholic Charities that they baked as part of the King Arthur Flour Bake for Good program.

The program provides schools with recipe booklets and most of the other ingredients to make the dough, including 100 percent white whole wheat flour. Students are then encouraged to use half of the dough for themselves and the other half to make loaves of bread that can be packaged, labeled, and donated.

Adyson Froiland is a junior at Sauk Rapids-Rice High School. She says the program taught them about much more than just baking.

I think it made it easier to understand how easy it is to actually go out and volunteer. Just coming here and donating food, it didn't take us long at all.

The students used their portion of the dough to make cinnamon rolls and braided the rest into bread loaves. This is the second year the district has been a part of the program and Family and Consumer Science teacher Mary Levinski says she hopes to keep growing the program in years to come.

Just to continue the partnership with the middle school too gives them that access to leadership as well as teaching them the basic skills necessary for them to develop good cooking habits in their own kitchen.

Levinski also says they hope to donate 100 loaves next year.

The Catholic Charities Emergency Services Food Shelf in St. Cloud serves roughly 2000-2500 families and households in the community each month.

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