SAUK RAPIDS --A Sauk Rapids man has taken his passion for rock collecting to a whole new level.

Lyndon Johnson has been collecting agates for about 25 years and has several on display this week at the Benton County Fair. He says he has over 1,200 pounds of rock he's found here in central Minnesota.

Not only just agates but other gemstones like gold and platinum nugget, topaz, so what I have here at the fair is just a small example.

He says while many people turn agates into jewelry, he uses his rocks to educate people on what can be found in our own backyards.

Johnson says the most sought after stone is the Lake Superior agate.

There is no two alike. Minnesota is so mineral rich, which is what made this agate different. They are so colorful.

Johnson says while he has had offers for some of his more valuable agates, he's declined saying it's a sense of accomplishment and pride in his findings.

You can learn more about agates and talk with Johnson this week at the Benton County Fair.