ST. CLOUD - A Sauk Rapids Korean War Veteran received a handcrafted Eagle Head Honor Cane during the St. Cloud Wood Expo Show on Saturday.

Arthur Delong is a Purple Heart recipient from his service in the Korean War. Dale Lesser of Buffalo has been making Eagle Honor Canes for over three years and presented one to Delong at the event.

"Not just myself, but all the people here would love to give you a big thank you for the service you've done for us," Lesser said.

The Eagle Honor Canes can take over 10-12 hours to craft. Each Cane is unique for it's recipient.

"The canes consist of everything including your rank, your awards and all of your medals," Lesser says.

The Honor Canes are made for those with a Purple Heart, Congressional Medal of Honor or those on the American Legion Honor Guard. More information on the Honor Canes can be found on their website.


Dan DeBaun, WJON News
Dan DeBaun, WJON News