SARTELL - A Sauk Rapids man has won $3,000 after losing 66-pounds and winning the St. Cloud Weight Loss Challenge.

Chris Gully was announced as the winner on Saturday morning at the Sartell Fitness Evolution. 

Gully says he was motivated to start the 12 week weight loss challenge program after a doctor exam he had in early January.

"I had a physical, the doctor said everything checked out really good-but at the same time he made about three references to me being overweight," Gully says.

After signing up, Gully spent many hours attending the weekly support classes at the gym and running on the treadmill. Since starting the challenge, he was able to double the amount of distance he could run.

"I would see my time getting better and better and I would have to go faster and faster every time," Gully says.

After winning the $3,000, Gully now says the big challenge will be to keep the weight off. He says that he plans to run an 8k race in Port Washington Wisconsin during the summer as his next fitness goal.


Dan DeBaun, WJON News