The Sartell paper mill site is an empty canvas but what will appear on that canvas could become more apparent soon.  Sartell Mayor Ryan Fitzthum joined me on WJON this week.  On Monday night the Sartell city council met with consultants and reviewed the concept plan.  He says the city is very close to a concept plan they would be comfortable putting out into the marketplace.  Fitzthum indicates the time line for making land available for purchase for developers would be in early 2024.

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Fitzthum explains the concept plan would give an indication of the vision they have for the space.  He expects a walking path along the river and would like that path to be connected to the pedestrian bridge.  Fitzthum says the walkway would be "significant" and the area would include lots of green space.

The types of buildings they would like in this space is still being considered whether it be strip mall types, or multiple story buildings.  He says the council seemed to be in favor of multiple height buildings. Fitzthum explains he and the city council would like the space to tie back to the paper mill that used to be there.  He expects retail, restaurants, office space and multi-family housing to be a part of the vision for the space.

The expectation for the site in 2024 is that the city would be working with developers and would like to have at least a portion of the site sold.  Fitzthum doesn't expect construction on the site in 2024 but would like to see walking paths in place next year.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Ryan Fitzthum it is available below.



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