SARTELL -- A couple of big events are still on as scheduled for Sartell high school students.

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The district is planning to hold prom and graduation this year, however it's still unclear what those event will look like.

Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert says students and staff have been working on a few options for prom and should have a final decision by next week.

One was to do it outside, the other was to limit it to just seniors and have it inside. They are still talking about it right now.

Sartell's prom is scheduled for May 22nd. As for graduation, Schwiebert says they are tentatively planning for an outdoor ceremony.

I think we will probably do it on the stadium field here in town. We can use the bleachers to spread out our guest, and the students would be down on the field.

Schwiebert says both events are contingent on what happens with the current COVID situation.

He says right now, they do have a few classrooms in quarantine, however, they are not seeing spread within the school buildings themselves.

As conversations surrounding racial justice continue, the Sartell-St. Stephen School District continues to address educational equity within their schools.

Back in September, the district hired Equity Alliance MN to conduct an Equity Audit to research and develop plans to provide equitable education for all students.

Schwiebert says the school board should be getting the report from Equity Alliance MN on the districts equity audit by the end of the school year.

Our June board meeting is where they will present their findings, and that's just a presentation at that point. Then the board will take those recommendations and work with Equity Alliance and the community to decide what actions we will take moving forward.

Schwiebert says they have also been working on what a school board committee on equity and education should look like.

He says the audit will present a lot of good challenges, both on a school and community level, which will better help shape the future needs of their students.


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