SARTELL -- Spring is hopefully just around the corner.  Tonight (Monday) the Sartell city council discussed their plans to operate the wading pool for this summer.

Last year the YMCA helped Sartell with staffing lifeguards at their wading pools.

Sartell voted unanimously tonight (Tuesday) to partner with the YMCA again this year.

The council approved a one year partnership with the YMCA.

The YMCA will operate both Celebration and Watab wading pools. They would be responsible for staffing, interviewing and scheduling life guards.

The contract would also allow the wading pools to stay open through Labor Day. Sartell City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says they have had trouble keep the pools open through Labor Day in the past, as most lifeguards are college students returning to school.

The YMCA can now draw up a contract, which will be brought to the council for approval at a later date.

Degiovanni says the partnership would make Sartell responsible to pay $16,700 for this season. The city spent around $27,000 for pool operations in 2013.

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