SARTELL -- A junior at Sartell High School has put himself into some elite company by earning the highest score possible on the ACT.

Yash Hindka is one of only 2,670 out of more than 2-million 2017 graduates that earned the top possible score on the ACT of 36. The ACT tests English, math, reading and science, all within a 3.5-hour timeframe.

Hindka says for him, the time limit was the most stressful part of the ACT.

"The test in itself isn't that difficult, it's mainly the formatting and the time crunch that gets to you."

Sartell High School Principal Brenda Steve says she's proud of Hindka, calling him a hard-working and talented student.  He says, if he had to pick a spot that challenged him the most during the test, it'd be the last part of the science section.

"That one was a dagger. If there was a reason I'd be less-confident about that test it'd be because of that last passage on the science test. There were a lot of variables involved in the questions."

Each part of the ACT is graded 1-36, and his 36 overall is the average of all four test areas. Students who earn this score have "likely mastered" the skills and knowledge they need for their first-year college courses, according to a release from Sartell - St. Stephen Schools.

Hindka says after high school he's leaning toward a career in engineering, as for the particular college, he's doing his research for now. His biggest piece of advice for any kids taking it next year, "just breathe".

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