SARTELL -- The decision to allow a food truck in Sartell is on its final leg.

Tonight (Monday) the Sartell Planning Commission approved the amendments made to the food truck ordinance that was discussed at last months meeting.

Anita Rasmussen is the Planning and Community Development Director. She says many corrections were made to satisfy all parties involved.

The ordinance would allow a food truck to go anywhere in the city limits, as long as it's not blocking any road ways, park in public or private lots with permission from the owner of the business, and operate during normal business hours.

However the food truck would not be allowed to post signs that are not painted on the truck, or set up outdoor seating.

Allowing food trucks in Sartell has been a topic of discussion for the last few months.

Rasmussen says many local restaurants have mixed feelings on the issue.

The ordinance will now go to the city council for approval, for the second time, at Monday's meeting.

Anita Rasmussenis the Planning and Community Development Director.Read More: Food Trucks Brings Discussion at Planning Commission Meeting |