ST. CLOUD--  Odds are if you do any shopping during the holiday season, you’re familiar with the Salvation Army’s red kettles and bell-ringers.

Thursday night the St. Cloud Salvation Army kicked off their 2018 bell-ringing season at Coborn’s on Cooper Ave.

The organization's goal is to raise $195,000. Special Events and Community Outreach Coordinator Laura Douvier says bell-ringers make a big difference.

The kettle fundraiser is a third of our funds that we use to support all of our programs at Salvation Army throughout the year.

Every $100 serves 50-80 people a nutritious meal, assists 30 clients in need of emergency groceries, or provides a family with two nights of lodging.

Douvier also says bell-ringing should be fun.


We have people come out and do trumpets or play music, sing, their kids sing, dance...we encourage people to come out and have fun doing it. A lot of people don't know they that like oh we're just standing out in the cold ringing bells, but no we encourage you to make fun.

If you would like to volunteer there’s still plenty of time to sign up.


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