ST. CLOUD -- A Rockville man charged with murder after a fatal drug overdose in 2020 has pleaded guilty. Twenty-nine-year-old Travis Anderson pleaded guilty to 3rd-degree murder.

Anderson will be sentenced in August.

According to the charges, Anderson provided a 30-year-old man heroin laced with fentanyl.

Authorities were called to a home in the 9000 block of Athman Road in September of 2020 for a medical emergency. A roommate discovered the man's body and called 911.

Records show the roommate removed a plate from near the victim which had a white powdery substance on it and put it in his car.

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Anderson then returned to the home before authorities arrived. The roommate told police that Anderson then took the victim's cell phone and removed it from the bedroom.

Anderson denied to investigators that he took the phone but officers were able to call the number and find it in some bushes fully charged.

A records search of the victim's phone and Anderson's phone detail several exchanges where Anderson was supplying the victim with drugs. Authorities say emails taken from the victim's phone also show Venmo transfers to Anderson for drugs.

An autopsy determined the victim died of mixed drug toxicity specifically heroin and fentanyl.


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