ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- Stearns County has a busy construction season ahead, although some of the more impactful projects to drivers won't get underway until later.

County Engineer Jodi Teich says one of those projects is County Road 75 and 2nd Street South between Highway 15 and Cooper Avenue South. She says that will take three-and-a-half to four months to complete...

A full-depth resurfacing with some minor storm sewer repairs and curb and gutter repairs. While there won't be a detour posted, there will be lane closures. With that much traffic, well over 20,000 vehicles a day, it certainly will have an impact on traffic, even without the full road closures.

Teich says work will start in late June or early July and will go into October. It will also cause further traffic headaches at the south end of the project...

Unfortunately, of course, the city is also doing work along Cooper Qvenue which will have that impact. But, between the condition of the road right now and the fact that we figured it might be better just to take care of everything in that area all at once rather than have two consecutive years of construction.

Other notable projects include replacing the Stearns County Road 75 bridge over the Sauk River in Waite Park.

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The bridge over the Sauk River is deficient and will be replaced starting this summer. Teich says it will start in late June or early July and last into October, prompting traffic to detour around the work. She says they considered doing one direction at a time but determined a full closure was the best course of action...

We did debate for a long time if we should do the bridge half at a time or just do it all at once. And, then the fact that we cut 1 1/2 to 2 months off the timeline of how long that construction would last by doing it all at once, we save some money, obviously, and then we all save some time that the public is impacted too.

There are two detours drivers can choose from. Truck traffic is asked to use I-94 and Highway 23, while local traffic may want to use County Road 134 over to Veterans Drive.

Some other projects include a new roundabout intersection at the intersection of County Roads 4 and 120 near Sartell, County Road 12 in New Munich, and County Road 54 between Albany and Avon.





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