WAITE PARK -- A retail and residential development is being considered in Waite Park near Crossroads Center.

During Tuesday's Planning Commission meeting, the board will look to approve the mixed-use building planned at 205 3rd Street Northeast, next to Concrete Image.

Waite Park Planning Director Jon Noerenberg says the proposed building designs would be similar to the layout of the shops and lofts in downtown St. Joseph.

There would be six one bedroom apartments, all fairly modern. The lower level space would be a little more open ended as the applicant hasn't firmed up plans for tenants yet. It could be an office type use or a couple of retail spaces.

The planning commission tabled this topic last month as they had issues regarding parking on the 5,800 square-foot site.

Noerenberg says this type of redevelopment would be a much welcomed addition to the area.

This type of development where you have a mixed-use, we would really like to see that in some other areas as well, particularly that corner near the mall.

The property currently has a house on it, which the property owner would demolish, with hopes of starting construction later this year.

If approved the topic would go to the city council for final approval.

(Photo: City of Waite Park)