SARTELL -- The Sartell Planning Commission will weigh their options on the future water features at Watab Park.

During Monday's meeting, the board will discuss design options regarding a new wading pool or splash pad in the park.

The city originally had a decision to build a new wading pool, however plans fell through when the price was much larger than anticipated. City Planner Nate Keller says they will have a pool consultant at the meeting to go over all the options.

Two of those options include a splash pad and he will also explain if we were to stick with rehabbing the pool or building a new pool what those estimates would run.

The wading pool has been "band-aided" for several years and needs to be replace to meet ADA requirements. Keller says with any option they choose, they would like to make it an extension of the new playground design.

With the new playground design that was chosen, we want to incorporate that playground into the preferred choice for the pool area and integrate those features together.

Keller says they hope to bring a recommendation for the council to consider at their next meeting later this month.

He says their goal is to keep the design costs between $150,000 and $200,000.

Last year, the city received a grant from the DNR last year for the improvements to the park which include pool upgrades, a new shelter, new playground equipment, new restroom, resurfacing of the tennis courts into one tennis court, one pickleball court and one half-court basketball.