ST. CLOUD -- We live in a busy world where we try to much and end up getting frustrated when we can complete everything at the time frame we set.

Stress is something that happens at least once a day in our lives and for those whose new year's resolution is to manage stress, there is hope.

CentraCare Health Nurse Practitioner Kathleen Mahon says that if our mind is stressed our health suffers.

Mahon says that our mind is the biggest factor of stress. She says doing things like mindful meditation can bring relief.

Mahon says an easy thing to fix stress while driving or at work is to focus on your breathing.

We all have triggers that can cause us to get stressed. Mahon says choosing whether or not its worth stressing over will help decrease your daily stress.

Mahon says doing something you enjoy just a few hours a day is the best stress reliever and will help improve your overall health.

Coming up tomorrow (Tuesday) we will have some tips for those who have a resolution to get fit.