ST. CLOUD -- The recent rainfall this past week has been a good thing for central Minnesota farmers.

University of Minnesota Extension educator Dan Martens says there is a lot of good looking crops around the state, which should help around harvest time.

"There is some very good looking crop out there, there is going to be a lot of potential for some very good yields this fall. We have tremendous variation of soils and landscape and that always leads to some variation of crops," says Martens.

So far the weather has worked in farmers favor, with the exception of the high winds and hail some of the state saw last week.

Martens says as the season continues, farmers hope the great weather continues and they can avoid any severe weather.

"It's the same game. You hope for the rain you need as you go along the way, you hope you can duck the storms, you hope to don't have an early frost, and you got nice weather for maturing that crop in the fall and harvesting it," says Martens.

If the weather continues to work in farmers favor, Martens says we could see an early start to the harvest season.

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