ST. PAUL -- Supporters of adding slot machines to Minnesota's two horseracing tracks are starting to ramp-up their efforts.  John Derus is on the Board of Directors for the Running Aces track in Columbus, Minnesota. He says they're pushing the State Legislature to allow them to add 1,500 slot machines at each track -- Running Aces and Canterbury Park.

Derus says there are still a lot of details that have to be worked-out before the racinos become a reality, like; the percentages of how much money the state would get and what the track's take would be.  However, he says one big plus is the new revenue would be almost immediate, all the two tracks would have to do is order the machines.

He says the racino idea has been talked about for years at the State Legislature, but with new people in charge, now is the time to get it done.

He says, besides betting on the horses, patrons at both tracks already can gamble on cards games like poker, blackjack and Texas Hold em.  So adding slot machines wouldn't be that big of a leap.

Derus says they have lined-up authors for the bill in both the House and Senate, but he would not name them.

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