SARTELL -- Discussion can begin on if Sartell officials want to implement a food and beverage tax.

A bill that would allow the city to impose a tax of up to 1.5 percent was approved by the state legislature and is now awaiting the governors signature.

Community Development Director Anita Archambau says at this point all the bill does is allow the city council to start the conversation.

And that includes getting additional input and going to the Sartell voters to get approval for the up to the 1.5 percent food and beverage tax. There is going to be a lot more discussion from the community on what those decisions should be.


Archambau says things are in the early stages and doesn't expect the council to take any action until the fall. She adds before the tax can be implemented it does need to be part of a voter referendum.

If approved the extra revenue would be used to maintain their current recreational facilities and add additional amenities.

St. Cloud is the only city in our metro area that currently collects a food and beverage tax, which has been one-percent since it was implemented in 1987.

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