OPOLE -- A Holdingford manufacturing facility has been slapped with hefty fine for incorrectly disposing hazardous waste.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has fined Polar Tank Trailer about $50,000 for violations involving handling hazardous waste and dumping wastewater into a nearby wetland and Spunk Creek.

The facility is owned by EnTrans International, which is headquartered in Athens, Tennessee.

The violations were discovered during a January inspection. The MPCA says the company allowed hazardous wastes, including methyl ethyl keytone, tolune and acetone, to be dumped into the manufacturers septic system, which went untreated and flowed into a nearby wetland.

Other violations include failing to properly label and store hazardous wastes, failing to keep proper records, not conducting required equipment inspections and others violations dating back to 2012.

The MPCA says the company is paying the fine and is working to correct the issues.

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