ST. JOSEPH - The St. Joseph city council could take a big step Monday toward building a community center.

The city council is being asked to accept the concept plans for the community center, which city administrator Judy Weyrens says will include a section called "The Jacob Wetterling Recreation Center." Designs include the #11 on the outside of the building, as well as a lantern that would burn 24 hours a day.

The recommendation requests the city council to approve the construction in two phases, with the first phase being building a gym space. Other amenities include locker rooms, an elevated walking track, a climbing wall, and a kids zone.

There are also plans in the designs for community rooms, the food shelf, the historical society, and Little Saints Academy.

Up to 40,000 square feet of new space could be added to the former Colts Academy school in St. Joseph, totaling over $12 million.

The city council will need to decide on a budget and what has to be raised before construction can begin, as well as how much sales tax revenue they want to dedicate to the project. They'll also need to pick an architect and construction manager.

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