Which of the four major men's sports teams, along with Gopher men's basketball and football, has the best chance at winning a championship first? Jay and Dave bust out their power rankings in this week's edition of "Ovie and the Franchise."

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Dave has the Vikings at #1 despite their recent struggle of a season, while the Timberwolves and their rudderless ship find themselves at #11 in the six-team ranking.

The Vikings earned the top spot because of the ownership and front office's commitment to winning. No long rebuilds, no penny-pinching, no excuses. It hasn't worked yet but that's not for lack of trying.

Jay has the Twins in the top spot based on recent success and the young talent the team has on its way up from the minor leagues, while the Timberwolves rank last on his list.

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We also discuss the ugly truth that the Wild barely have any more success historically than do the Timberwolves, but have somehow been able to avoid the stink and label of loserdom that has plagued the Wolves since the beginning of time.

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