Following Thursday's news that fully-vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear masks in some settings and situations, one Minnesota brewery is celebrating with a "Burn the Masks" event.

On Thursday, May 13 the CDC issued a statement that fully-vaccinated people are no longer required to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting. Exceptions apply where "required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance." Additionally, full-vaccinated people do not have to be tested for COVID-19 following a known exposure to the virus. Following the announcement, Governor Tim Walz also announced that he'd be signing an order Friday, May 14 to end the mask mandate in Minnesota.

One Minnesota brewery is celebrating the news with a "Burn the Masks" event Friday, May 14. Roundhouse Brewery in Nisswa took to social media Thursday with a "self-explanatory" post and graphic that reads, simply, "Burn the Masks at Roundhouse."

The event starts Friday at 6:00pm. The brewery will also offer $2 off discounts to all those who bring their vaccination card with them. Responses in the comment section have been mixed with some sharing their enthusiasm for the end of the mask mandates and others expressing their doubt or disapproval.

"How about just celebrating no masks and not give a discount , or give everyone a discount?" asked Jody Sorenson. "There are some who cannot get vaccinated according to their doctors recommendation."

"How do we know who’s vaccinated or not?" Roy wondered.

"There still may be some places you might need one," pointed out Pamela Brand, "so keep your favorite, but burn the rest..."

If you're headed up to the Nisswa area Friday for fishing opener weekend, bring your extra masks along and stop by for a drink - and mask burning -- at Roundhouse Brewery.

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